Saturday, September 29, 2007

YouTube U

If we're not there already, I suspect the time is not too far away when we'll be able to string together a class or lecture on practically any topic just by linking to YouTube/Google videos. This week's topic in the class on social computing is social bookmarking. Plugging in key words like, flickr, social bookmarking and a few other tags in the video web sites like YouTube quickly uncovers a good selection of instructional videos. Of course some of them aren't so good, but many are both educational and entertaining. Some of them are actually videocasts from lectures or workshops at universities; others by amateurs, some of whom are releasing entire series of do-it-yourself and instructional material. Here are just a few I found to give you an idea:

I think providing multiple pathways to content is especially important with distance/virtual learning, where there isn't regular face to face contact with students. Some students do better with the printed word; others may prefer visual, spatial, or audio modalities. Videos and podcasts offer alternatives to students who prefer them.


Bruce Fulton said...

I guess I was right, see this post on teaching via youtube.

The University of California, Berkeley announced yesterday that they will be posting complete course lectures to YouTube. They are the first university to offer full course lectures on the video-sharing website, and have already compiled over 300 hours of video on their channel page in the subjects of biology, physics, and search engine technology.

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